Polished stainless tube is usually used interchangeably for polished stainless-steel pipes; however, they are different.

Polished Stainless Tube is available in different shapes including square, round, and rectangular and is usually used for manufacturing medical equipment as well as structural applications.

Polished Stainless Pipe is available only in a cylindrical shape and usually used in pharmaceutical industries, oil, and petroleum companies, or other applications requiring transfer of oil, liquid, or gas.

Metalsnet has a wide range of Polished Stainless Tube (in different shapes), Polished Stainless Pipes, and Polished Stainless Sheet. They are considered perfect for several projects due to its appealing lustrous and smooth surface. They can be used for architectural purposes, interior, and exterior design, pharmaceuticals, food industry, handrails, marine, automobile, etc.